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This is an easy to use and FREE online decision-making analysis tool to help you weigh up really difficult and BIG decisions. One of life's earliest big decisions is to choose study subjects to get your best career. Life's other BIG decisions often relate to money commitments like choosing the right car, holiday, house, or pension. Making the best decisions in life starts here!

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Decision Making made easy.

To use it, just enter the different choices you are considering, and how appealing you find each choice based on the factors relevant to the choice. Each section of this website gives easy to follow examples so you can gain familiarity with this vital tool for life. Start here to get your Life's BIG Decisions right!

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Some Hard Decisions Common To Most People

What To Buy Decisions

Cars, phones, computers, Capital Equipment, even houses.

Any Decision!

Use this section to solve any decision-making conundrum.

How to Invest Decisions

Bonds, Equities, Pensions, Buy to Let, Art, Classic Cars, Wines, etc.

Business Decisions

Vendor selections, takeovers, strategy choices, diversification, etc.

Which Career

The best career for you - Teacher, engineering, sales? One of life's earliest big decisions we help you get right.

Which Holiday

Beach holiday or city-break, cultural or adventure. Can't decide? Start here.

How to Vote

Voting Decisions. To help free thinking floating voters assess policies on the Economy, Healthcare, Immigration, etc.

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